Discussion Week#9

This is a weekly discussion post. Minimum of 200 words, with reference and APA style. Please no plagiarism, similarity report should be less than 20%. Thanks!  


Reflect on the purpose of nursing associations and the numerous current issues with which they are faced. How do nursing associations work to promote policies that are patient-centered and lead the profession forward? Provide at least 2 specific examples of policies from one specific association. 

Discussion Board Rubric.docx 

Vaccination Systems

You will develop a written paper comparing and contrasting vaccination systems in two (2) developing countries and one (1) economically developed country (three total).  Address how the developing countries can improve their systems,  including current systems, weak components in the current system, and  elements that can be improved, as seen in MEDC successes. Be sure to  read the attached requirements for success.

    Be six to eight pages in length, not including the      cover or reference pages Be formatted according to APA format. Provide support for your statements with in-text      citations from a minimum of seven scholarly articles.  Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.