Case study of nursing_1500 words

Assessment #3 – Assignment 3 – Case study (Graded)Instructions 
Based on one of the case studies provided below and drawing on evidence-based literature, analyse the client’s details to identify and prioritise key health problems, related nursing goals and interventions aimed at achieving safe and quality care for that client, including discharge planning. 

Your report should include the following: 

Introduction (100 words)  
Identify the case and outline the purpose and structure of the report. 

Assessment (100 words)  
Identify two nursing assessment tools that you would use to develop a current profile of your client’s health status and explain your choice. 

Client’s Health Problems (350 words)  
Identify THREE (3) health problems specific to your client and prioritise these problems to ensure safe and quality care of your client. Justify the prioritisation you decided. 

Goals (150 words) 
Based on the health problem you prioritised as the most urgent, identify 2 goals or desired outcomes for your client. 

Interventions (350 words)  
Identify two interventions for each of the 2 goals and provide rationales for interventions. 

Discharge (350 words)  
Identify at least 4 key issues the client might face after discharge. What are the strategies you are going to use to address these issues? 

Conclusion (100 words)  
Summarise the major points of this report, and stress the importance of the report. 

Please refer to the Harvard Referencing System to accurately complete the reference list.

Academic Writing Requirements  
Please refer to information in the assessment folder on the course Learnonline site. 

Assignment Help  
Please refer to the course Learnonline site for information about the marking guide, which can be accessed under Assignment Help.