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There is an introducion of the paper already written below! You have to add 5 more paragraphs to this paper.

Each paragraph should be 200-300 words. NO LESS THAN 200 words for each!!!

Do not plagiarise and add in text citations and references!!

**I just need an additional 4 body paragraphs to this essay.

I’ll need the body paragraphs with these requirements:

Body Paragraph planning guide: THIS IS A RANDOM EXAMPLE

1. Topic sentence

Teachers teach based on syllabi too huge for students to take time to fully understand the things they learn in depth.

2. Evidence

As a student myself, my school never encouraged students to further understand their passions. We did not learn the reasons behind things in depth, nor did we as students stop to ask why things work. This is largely due to “banking”; as teachers usually expect students to process and understand all the information they are given. In class, my peers and I would just go with the methods or information we were given regardless of whether we understood it or not and consistently crammed and banked information into our heads.

3. Analysis (*at least 5 sentences after every evidence/quote)

Cramming and banking information causes many students to lack depth in their understanding of various topics. This causes a huge possibility of students to lack passion in the things they learn as they have to rush to catch up with the additional requirements for their classes. Due to this, we create the potential risk of losing innovators and innovations in our world today. Therefore, banking has negatively impacted students as finding what they are passionate about continues to remain a struggle. In the long term, teachers still expect students to cram information rather than take time to understand the subject or topics that are taught. As students have to cram information and lack understanding of the topics they learn, this affects their futures and the future of our generations as there will be a lack of innovation in the world today.

Here is what I have so far:

Our world is in a heap of trouble! Not only is there political and economic strife, but we are running out of land space and fresh water. Global warming has serious implications to the survival of human life on this planet. The ice caps in Antarctica are melting at an alarming rate due to the increase in carbon dioxide, other air pollutants and greenhouse gasses. Burning fossil fuels to make electricity and industrial processes are the largest source of heat-trapping pollution at 65% and coal burning are by far the largest contributors to the greenhouse effect. Animal agriculture and land use account for additional gasses being disbursed into our atmosphere such as nitrous oxide and methane. There are those who say transportation is the leading reason for climate change. However, the Environmental Protection Agency says “transportation is 14% of global greenhouse gasses and animal agriculture is 24% of global greenhouse gasses”. Animal agriculture uses multiple resources to get meats and dairy products to the dining table. “Pesticides, ammonia, heavy metals, fertilizers, fungicides and farm machinery, generated by concentrated animal feeding operations, kill animals, aquatic life, and create health problems for humans when they enter our drinking water. Agricultural operations and practices such as inappropriate water management and irrigation mainly lead to water pollution from surface run-off, both to surface and groundwater. This also leads to widespread contamination of waterways and ground waters and depreciate water quality. Soil erosion and sedimentation can equally contaminate the water, making it dirty, and increases its turbidity (cloudy). One-third of the planet’s arable land is occupied by livestock feed crop cultivation.” (Madaan, Sonia. “Terrible Effects of Agricultural Pollution”. Earth Eclipse.)

We live in a world where more than 820 million people have insufficient food and more consume low quality diets. “A plant-based diet consists of whole plant foods, namely vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices”. (Hever,Julieanna. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition 2011) “Eating plant-based has been shown to not only prevent, but can reverse advanced stage cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Studies also show favorable outcomes in sustainable weight management, reduce risk of mortality, lower the risk of heart disease, the prevention/treatment of hypertension and high cholesterol, and lower the risk of certain cancers”. (Nazish,Noma. 2018) A plant-based food can easily be substituted for less healthy choices in day to day habits. It takes some determination to stay away from processed and unhealthy foods, but the physical and environmental good that can be seen, outweighs killing animals as a food source. Despite all the research which proves the sustainability and the positive impacts of a plant based diet, only 11% of the world’s population live by a vegan, vegetarian or a plant-based diet. (Ipsos, An exploration into diets around the world, 2017). Therefore, we should encourage eating a plant-based diet as it can alleviate the need to breed animals to eat, contaminate lands and waters, and to bring down our emissions to a livable future.

In this research essay, I will be providing information and evidence of the positive impacts of encouraging a plant based diet and reducing our meat consumption.

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**Please add at LEASt 1-2 references per paragraph thank you!

mental health, physical health, past eating disorder went away through plant based diet ( , helped chronic illness(

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