Biopsychology Perspective

Now let us reflect back on the quarter. We have covered a lot of biopsychology topics. Look at them as a whole and try to 

  1) choose a current event or a situation from daily life and describe how a biopsychologist would look at it. 

 Example of the second part of the assignment:

I read a Seattle Times story about a start up company that will give people a chance to watch or listen to recordings of live concerts on mobile devices. A biopsychology perspective would be to think about how being at a live concert versus, watching it on a mobile device, versus listening to a recording that is not live might affect the brain differently. When you are actually at a concert you have a lot less distraction from enjoying the music than you might have watching on a mobile device. A biopsychologist might wonder if seeing the faces of the performers and audience members might increase the physiological response compared to listening without any visual cues. That would increase the strength of the emotions you feel while listening compared to listening without any visual emotional cues. 

2) Now look at your classmates’ posts and write about one thing you would add or change about your answers after seeing what the others wrote.