Bio ethics and Health care

Topic: Bio ethics and Health care

Order Description
Word limit: 1500 words excluding references.
Due date: 24th May 2016.
Requirements: High quality assignment with around 11% plagarism and the format described below must be followed.
The aim of this final assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect critically on how bioethical issues
impact upon public perspectives and public health issues, plus public health administration, organisation and
policy. For your essay, you may choose any bioethical topic to write about, but you should begin with a practical
core issue, problem or question. The essay is to be a formal piece of writing providing evidence of your engagement
with the wider literature and critical analytical skills in aIDition to your personal reflection. The essay can be an
exploration of a bioethical topic or issue you’ve identified in one of your earlier reviews or related to a current issue
of personal or professional importance. Please note that the essay is to have 1.5 spacing and follow a particular format
that is specified below. Section 1 is a hurdle requirement. Sections 2-6 are worth 8 marks each (Total N = 40):
Essay Structure and Subheadings:
1 Title Page (Essay title, student name, number, subject, degree course, university, email, postal aIDress).
2 Introduction (Brief overview of bioethical issue – what is the issue / topic area about?)
3 Literature Overview (Key published articles, research, personal accounts, media resources, clinical
studies, professional practice accounts, etc., relating to a chosen bioethical issue).
4 Critical Analysis (Compare and contrast key arguments / issues).
5 Discussion & Application (Your professional and personal engagement given literature and analysis)
6 References / Appendix: Accurately list your chosen reading and other articles or texts that you have cited.
Use the APA [6th edition] for referencing style / formatting of your essay.
References are expected to be complete / accurate. Do not simply list http: …etc., as a cited reference!
Author/organization, publisher and place / location are also to be listed. It is highly recommended that
you visit the online Wikiversity ‘Reference Error Factor’ (to appreciate how reference errors can be
calculated: The essay is to be typed, 1.5 spaced, APA 6 style formatting, approximately 1,500 words in length
and the designated subheadings utilized.

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