Billing for the services

Billing for the services

You are working with one of our clients. You are helping the client design what data they should collect when they enroll a new “consumer” in their program. They tell you the following points:


1. If we don’t have the consumer’s first name and last name when we bill for the services we provided to the consumer, we won’t get paid.


2. Our process is to meet with each consumer and do an “intake” on them.  For the intake, we collect the following data:

a. Consumer’s SSN

b. Consumer’s diagnosis

c. Consumer’s first name

d. Consumer’s last name

e. Does the consumer have a representative?


3. Before we can provide service to the Consumer, we have to get an EIN for them.


4. After we get an EIN for them, we send them a Welcome Packet.


5. After they get the Welcome Packet, they call us with any questions. We answer those questions over the phone. It would be nice to know what different questions people ask us so we could use those to make our Welcome Packet better and to train our staff.


6. Once the Consumer has the Welcome Packet, we can start providing services to them.


7. We can bill for the services as soon as we provide them.  Billing for the services is important so that we’re bringing in revenue to cover our costs.


If your client told you this, what questions might you have for the client? Please list them below:

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