b.    How have these companies incorporated social media to support their branding?

Assess and identify employer branding techniques

·      Assess online recruiting best practices

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·      Examine strategies for recruiting a more diverse workforce

·      Identify various methods used for external recruitment

Required Materials

Dessler, G., & Chhinzer, N. (2020). Human resources management in Canada ( 14th Canadian ed.) Pearson Canada Inc. 

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-485619-3


1.  Select and visit four company websites of your choice (not example of McDonald’s) and review their approach to employer branding and recruitment. Gather information to address but not limited.

a.    Of the four companies, identify one that is exemplary (i.e., makes you want to apply) and one that requires improvement (i.e., makes you question whether you would want to work there). What were your reasons for making these choices?

b.    How have these companies incorporated social media to support their branding?

a.    What best practices are being used?

b.    What is being done (if anything) to recruit a more diverse workforce?

a.    What type of external recruitment methods do these companies use on these websites? Do they use recruitment websites like indeed.ca or LinkedIn? What is the usefulness of this type of recruitment websites to potential candidates?

  • Requested aspects of the websites have been included and described adequately with supporting details and examples.
  • At least two research sources are included and are valid and robust.

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