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Look for at least two incident response policies for organizations of a similar type to your organization

Look for at least two incident response policies for organizations of a similar type to your organization. In addition, download NIST “Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, rev 2” SP800-61 located at http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-61rev2/SP800-61rev2.pdf. Based on your research, create an initial draft of an incident response policy for your organization. Consider HIPAA and other health care–related compliance […]

For this third milestone

For this third milestone, you will analyze HR strategic initiatives of managing HR globally, diversity and inclusion, risk management, and social corporate responsibility that impact an organization’s strategic goals. Read the Harvard Business Review article Managing People from 5 Generations, and the SHRM resources Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint/Investigation Procedure and HR’s Role in Corporate […]

Please submit a draft of your final project for review

Please submit a draft of your final project for review. Final submissions are due during week 15 (from the week 15 content folder) Final Project Prompt: The final portfolio project is a three- part activity. You will respond to three separate prompts but prepare your paper as one research paper. Be sure to include at least […]

When responding to your peers

When responding to your peers, highlight any existing connections between the ethical issue you identified and the issues identified in your peers’ posts. Do you believe the strategies they proposed for avoiding or resolving the issues could be impactful? Respectfully agree or disagree. What strategies or actions can you propose for avoiding or resolving the […]

Discuss the implications of providing a

Discuss the implications of providing a “lifetime voucher” that distributes a one-time savings amount to all citizens of the United States. This healthcare resource distribution system allocates the same amount of money to all citizens, allowing them the autonomy to use this money however they choose over a lifetime. Discuss the moral, ethical, and legal […]

What specific resources

What specific resources, support and assistance can the emergency response community offering the security manager in carrying out their duties? Specific to internal security and employees, what are the primary differences between personnel screening and backgrounding? Must be at least 350 words and have APA citations


LEG500 – WEEK 4 DISCUSSION: Imagine you are a senior manager in a U.S. manufacturing firm, procuring component parts and services from various states. What is required for a valid contract? Per the Chapter reading, explain contract formation and differences pursuant to common law versus the Uniform Commercial Code. Why is it important to distinguish and identify which applies in business? Using […]

Please submit the following

 1) Please submit the following: Your thesis statement (one sentence total) for your research paper. A list of THREE sources from J-Stor or an E-book from our SF library catalog. The three sources need to be in Chicago format (Links to an external site.). 2)   Please submit your thesis statement (it will be a repeat […]