Anthropology 101 homewrok , 30 fill in the blank question

1.  The study of the skeleton is known as __________.


2.  The biological anthropologist most likely to be investigating at a crime scene is a(n) __________.


3.  Jane Goodall’s field study of chimpanzees is a prime example of this area of study in biological anthropology __________.


4.                                is the study of  human societies in a cross-cultural perspective.


5.   An anthropologist studying past cultures through the investigation of artifacts belongs to which subfield?


6.                           is the unifying principle of the life sciences.


7.  Experimentation, observation, and hypotheses are all elements of the                         .


8.  Who is most associated with the taxonomy used by scientists today?


9. The idea that creatures transform and their offspring inherit those transformations is known as                           evolution.


10.  Darwin’s ideas fell into place while contemplating this type of bird from the Galapagos Islands


11. Within a population, some variations are favored by environmental conditions and others are not. This is known as                        .


12.  The study of pedigrees of related individuals


13.  This genetic field is concerned with determining evolutionary relationships between species


14. These types of cells lack intercellular compartments and include bacteria


15.  These cells are directly involved in reproduction.


16.  The two main functions of DNA are


17.  DNA base combinations are always found in these pairs


18.  Protein synthesis is a two-step process involving __________.


19.  The physical expression of an organisms genes is its


20.  An allele that needs to be present on only one chromosomal locus to be expressed is called a             allele.


21.  When populations migrate, their genes are experiencing __________.


22.  Features that are similar due to a shared evolutionary history are


23.  According to the ideas of                      , the reproductive success of one’s kin also matters


24.                     seek to explain an animal’s social behavior in terms of inclusive fitness


25. Prejudice against a person based on his or her racial heritage


26.  Today biological anthropologists prefer to use the term               rather than race.


27.  A scientist constructing an evolutionary tree indicating relatedness and divergence times among taxonomic groups is making a __________.


28.  In regions with a heavy malarial load, people who are __________  carriers have better reproductive fitness.


29.  According to __________, the colder the climate, the larger the body


30. People with darker skin cannot synthesize __________ as efficiently as people with lighter skin.