An independent consultant to help advise a company on their health and safety management practices.

Module Title:
Health & Safety Management
Assessment Task:You have been commissioned as an independent consultant to help advise a company on their health and safety management practices in line with possible certification to OHSAS 18001.
As part of this work you are required to provide the company with specific advice on their current management system through the use and critical analysis of an Initial Status Review (ISR). In aIDition they have requested information on the development of their management system in line with OHSAS 18001 which can be used by the company to help them manage their legal obligations towards the health, safety and welfare of the employees.The company should be a mock company from one of the following sectors:-
Oil or chemical production
ManufacturingFor those lacking industrial experience, youtube provides a number of factory tour type videos that provide an overview of the equipment and processes used that could form the basis of your mock company. One example is 1: Literature Review and Research:i. Review your chosen case study company, with respect to the details of the company processed, their activities in relation to H&S and their current Health and Safety Policy Statement / Management System
ii. Review the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and associated legislation which affects your chosen company
iii. Review possible methods for undertaking Initial Status ReviewsTask 2: Using a technique of your choice undertake an Initial Status
Review (ISR) of the current management of Health and safety within the company.Task 3: Evaluate the current company Health and Safety Policy Statement,
making and discussing recommendations for change.Task 4: Based on your ISR results, outline a project plan for the company
to aIDress certification to OHSAS1 18001.Task 5: Critically reflect and evaluate the use of initial status reviews,
within the framework of developing a health and safety management system.Task 6: Produce a detailed report (~3000 words), covering the above.

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