Advertisement Examples

SCS 100 Theme 1: Advertisement Examples

You will need to identify four advertisements to support your work on the Comparison Template, which is due at the end of Theme 1, and the Observation Journal, which is due at the end of Theme 2. The list below provides a number of examples of advertisements you can use to support these assignments. The ads are grouped by the type of product or service they are promoting, as it can be helpful to compare different themes or trends used across similar products. Feel free to use any of the ads from the list below, to select ads across product or service type, or to select your own using the selection criteria at the end of this document. Note that video ads featured through the Ads of the World website may require viewing in Chrome or Firefox.

Product/Service: Health And Beauty

Advertisement Ad Type Diaderm Anti-Wrinkle Cream Print

Infusium 23 Hair Products Print

Revlon: Charlie Print

Corega Denture Bond Print

Garnier: Hide Yesterday Print

Colgate: Sinkchild (0:31) Video

Loreal: The Waterproof Experience (1:44) Video

Product/Service: House And Home

Advertisement Ad Type

Whirlpool: Finding Time Transcript (0:31) Video Initial: How Clean are Your Bathrooms Print

Tide Plus A Touch of Downy: The Princess Dress (0:30) Video

IKEA: One Room Paradise (2:30) Video

Schlage Locks: Ex-Girlfriend (0:30) Video

Coldwell Banker Real Estate: Home’s Best Friend (1:00)


Tramontina: Meat Signature Iron (1:52) Video

Product/Service: Alcohol and Tobacco

Advertisement Ad Type

Carlsberg Beer: If Carlsberg Did Fitting Rooms (0:30) Video

Borsodi Beer: Counter Print

V2O Pure Grain Vodka: Phone Print

Polevskaya Varnya: Hangover is Over (0:57) Video

OCB: Stick it Up Print 1960s Camel: Where a Man Belongs Print

Product/Service: Food & Beverage

Advertisement Ad Type Farmer Cereal Bars: Instant Energy, 2 Print

Airwaves Gum: Bus Print Carl’s Jr.: Au Natural (0:52) Video

Milio’s Sandwiches: Astronaut Print

Pizza Planet: California Meat Print

Coca-Cola: Battlefield (1:02) Video

Spoleto Restaurant: Beautiful Women Don’t Pay (1:48)


Product/Service: Cars and Transportation

Advertisement Ad Type

Land Rover: Maasai Tribe Print

Volkswagen TDI Clean Diesel: Mom (0:45) Video

Chariot India Print

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial: “Farmer” (2:02)


Volkswagen: The Uber test ride (1:53) Video

Lekker Bicycles: Model, 2 (There are three different models, you can view the other two below the advertisement on this page)


Product/Service: Social Services and Causes

Advertisement Ad Type

Woman’s Room: Stand Strong (an ad from the Croatian Rugby Association)


IP Casinos: Mammograms and Margaritas: Breast Cancer Support


Chilean Red Cross: Earthquake (1:04) Video Hospital Austral Print

Texas Department of State Health Services: Shhhh (0:31)


Bureau of Civil Affairs: T-Shirt Design for Orphans Print

Qatar Cancer Society: Generosity Is Its Own Reward (2:00)


Ad Selection Criteria

If you would like to select your own ads, use the criteria below. The ads you select should:

 Be interesting to you  Feature people, not simply products  Display interactions between people or convey ways that the product or service advertised will impact or influence


 Encourage you to ask questions about the ads, the people in them, or the approach used in the ad

 Enable you to ask questions about:

o The individuals in the ads o The groups portrayed in the ads o Culture or cultural representations included (or not included) in the ads