Advance Application Of Practice-Based Research In Health .

Attention Wizard Kim:                        Week 5 Discussion: Research Methodology.

Check 3 articles that relates to my topic, summarize the research methodology used in (1) quantitative method, mention how it supports my topic.

(2) Qualitative method, mention how it supports my topic. 

(3) Mixed method, mention how it supports my topic.

    She suggested checking on “Conducting High-Value Secondary  Data set Analysis: An Introductory Guide and Resources. Alexander K. Smith, MD, MPH 12, John Z. Ayanian, MPP 3, 4,5., Kenneth E. Covinsky, MD, MPH12, Bruce E. Landon, MD, MBA, MSc 3,4,5, Ellen P. McCathy, PhD, MPH 3,4,6., Christina C. Wee, MD 3,4,6., and Michael A. Steinman, MD 12.

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