A popular concept in healthcare administration

Question 1

A popular concept in healthcare administration these days is the “service line.” Let us put you in the CFO position for this question. For your own hospital, are you in favor of service lines? If yes, which specific service lines would you plan to utilize? If no, how would you plan to organize and manage the services of your hospital without service lines?





Question 2

We see modern hospitals moving in two different directions with their mission statements these days. One school of thought is based upon “excellence in patient care,” and the other is based upon “healthiest possible community.” Consider that you are now the CEO of a brand new 250-bed community hospital in the Midwest. In preparing the mission statement for your new hospital, which approach will you take, and why?






Question 3




Efforts to improve the quality of healthcare can be seen everywhere in America these days. You can observe this at your own local healthcare facilities. Americans are justifiably dissatisfied with our healthcare system for many reasons. Case in point, a major initiative of the National Institutes of Health, aimed at improving the measurement of patient reported outcomes in medicine is the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) program. What is the PROMIS intended to accomplish? Do you feel that this approach will ultimately have a significant impact on the quality of American healthcare?


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