Question 1.1. (TCO 6) _______ data are those that are owned by someone else, typically free or inexpensive, that have potentially unknown quality. (Points : 5)SecondaryPrimaryInternalExternalQuestion 2.2. (TCO 6) A number of demographic factors have been shown to impact healthcare utilization. For example, _____ are more aware of available health services and are quicker to turn to health professionals when symptoms arise. (Points : 5)Latinosthe elderlymenwomenQuestion 3.3. (TCO 7) South Baptist Healthcare Center is monitoring the increase in use of social media among the population. This trend is part of the _____ component of the external environment analysis. (Points : 5)competitivelegal/regulatoryeconomictechnologicalQuestion 4.4. (TCO 7) As part of the ______ audit, a healthcare marketer examines competitors, market position, and market share. (Points : 5)externalinternalfinancialcommunity healthQuestion 5.5. (TCO 8) In order to answer the research question regarding the speed of service in the emergency department, Northeast Hospital observes the actions of research subjects through a recording device. This primary data collection method is known as a(n) ______. (Points : 5)personal interviewfocus groupsurveyobservationQuestion 6.6. (TCO 8) Advantages of a ______ survey is that it is a relatively quick way to acquire information and generally results in a higher response rate. (Points : 5)mailphonecomputerizedpersonalQuestion 7.7. (TCO 9) The goals of the ______ plan are driven or guided by the goals of the _____ plan. (Points : 5)marketing, strategicbusiness, marketingstrategic, marketingstrategic, operationalQuestion 8.8. (TCO 9) In the ______ stage of the marketing planning process, healthcare marketers collect and analyze data regarding trends in internal and external environments. (Points : 5)environmental analysisgoal and objective developmentstrategy developmentevaluationQuestion 9.9. (TCO 10) In the development of the _______ , the healthcare marketer seeks to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization’s products and services and the manner in which customers are served. (Points : 5)internal auditexternal auditmarketing evaluationsituation analysisQuestion 10.10. (TCO 10) Using the _____ budgeting method, the healthcare marketer would utilize the marketing plan strategies to develop projections for the current year’s budget. (Points : 5)competitive paritypercentage of salesobjective and taskall you can afford

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