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reflect on the various communities in which you belong and how belonging to these communities has impacted your health, positively and negatively

In one to one and a half pages (1-1½ pages), reflect on the various communities in which you belong and how belonging to these communities has impacted your health, positively and negatively

Summarize what the UHDDS is and why it is important to the organization

As a manager in a medical records department for a large, urban hospital, questions have arisen regarding why different datasets are used throughout the organization. The main data set, the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS), is reported to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to allow for comparison across similar hospitals.

Create a training presentation using PowerPoint, Camtasia, or other presentation software discussing the UHDDS. Your presentation should be a minimum of 7 slides with speaker’s notes or recorded material, not including the title slide or reference slide and have the following information:

  • Summarize what the UHDDS is and why it is important to the organization
  • Include the required information that is reported on the UHDDS form
  • Discuss two areas that may impact the overall rate of reimbursement and present ideas on how to decrease the impact

three theoretical underpinnings of conflict resolution in workplaces

In this week, you will explore traditional and contemporary conflict resolution theories (i.e., traditional view, the behavioral/ contemporary/ human relations view, and the interactionist view) and their merits and limitations.

  • Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation on the three theoretical underpinnings of conflict resolution in workplaces – traditional view, the behavioral/ contemporary/ human relations view, and the interactionist view.
  • Your assignment must be written in standard edited English per the APA guidelines.
  • Be sure to support your work with at least two high-quality references, including at least one from peer-reviewed journals accessed through the Herzing University Library or other sources.
  • Your assignment should show the effective application of triangulation of content and resources in your conclusion and recommendations.

portfolio project

Business Plan Paper

The portfolio project for this course is a scenario where you are an administrator in a hospital system. The hospital system is building an outpatient facility and is including many departments in the hospital. Your job as administrator is to pick one technology or service that relates to a procedure or service for patients and write a business plan to incorporate this service or procedure into this building.

Examples for this project could be a piece of radiology imaging equipment, a piece of laboratory equipment, a surgery device such as robotics, physical or occupational therapy equipment, etc. You are to pick one department and one service or procedure to add to this business. Reach out to your instructor to discuss other opportunities you may be interested in using other than these examples.

Your business plan will include:

Project name,
An executive summary,
Project’s purpose including organizational need,
Description of the services or procedures that you are proposing,
3-year financial income statement projection (Do not include any building or construction costs),
Description of how this will be funded,
Market size and competition,
Marketing and sales section, and
Summary or closing.

An 9- to 10-page paper (excluding title and reference pages),
Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).
Include a minimum of four (4) credible, academic or professional references beyond the text or other course materials.
Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research.
Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.
Reach out to your instructor earlier rather than later if you are having difficulties.
Required Textbook (Tutor must possess this textbook in order to complete the assignment)

Reiter, K., & Song, P. (2018). Gapenski’s fundamentals of healthcare finance. Chicago, Illinois: Association of University Programs in Health Administration. ISBN 9781567939750

** Below I attached my business plan proposal that I completed, that you will use in order to complete this assignment on radiology which includes a description of the service and procedure and a short description of who will use this service and how it will be paid for.**

** I also included my income statement paper for the final project**

** Lastly I included my business plan financing paper how i plan to finance my milestone project. This includes which type of financing, availability of financing dollars, and what you need to do to use this financing method.**

All though I included these sources in order to help complete the final project as a source, you will need to incorporate more information into this assignment**

Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan Draft B
Similar to Strategic Marketing Plan Draft A that you completed in Week 5, you will use this opportunity to incorporate more into the draft of your strategic marketing plan. After reviewing and incorporating faculty feedback on your other draft, your brochure and email, and your digital marketing plan presentation, enter the information that we have covered thus far in this course. By now, you should be able to work on the following slides required for this assignment:
Marketing Approach. (This should be a streamlined version of your digital marketing plan, 2–3 slides.)
Marketing Budget and Pricing.
Product/Service Distribution.
Note that you will be building your strategic marketing plan throughout the course. This is the second draft you will submit in advance of the final assignment submission. This allows you to work ahead on sections as you learn, apply new information, and get feedback to improve your plan.Submit this draft by the end of the week.

Define the term wellness

Outline 8: Chapter 15 – Achieving Optimal Health

Due Sunday by midnight


  • Complete using your textbook to find answers to the following questions. Next week we will spend going over this information and answering any questions that come up. Good luck and have fun!

Chapter 15: Achieving Optimal Health: Wellness and Nutrition

15.1 Diet Trends and Health

1. Define the term wellness:
2. What are the 6 dimensions of wellness?
3. What are two things a person could do to control and maintain a healthy weight?
4. What are conventional foods? Give 3 examples that you currently eat, or foods that you would like to begin to include.
5. What are modified foods? Give an example.
6. What are medical foods? Give an example.
7. What is a special dietary food? How is it different from a medical food? Give an example.

15.2 Fitness and Health

8. Name 4 benefits of physical activity:
9. What are the 4 elements of physical fitness?
10. What are the benefitrs of building cardiovascular endurance?
11. What does VO2 max measure? How do you test for your VO2 max?
12. How would you increase your VO2 max?
13. What are the benefits of muscle strength and endurance?
14. Define what flexibility is:
15. What is RMR?
16. Define the term metabolic fitness. Describe two ways to measure it.
17. Increasing your physical activity, even a little bit, can lead to many different benefits. Name 3 and describe why they would be something you would want to incorporate into your life.
18. What are some of the mental benefits of physical activity?

15.3 Threats to Health

19. Scan your family history. What chronic conditions exist? What diseases exist? (Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, another auto-immune condition (besides diabetes), and so on). List these here.
20. What can you do to optimize your lifestyle that would directly support what you know about your family history? For example, if high blood pressure is in your family, you could decrease your sodium intake, eliminate smoking, and increase your exercise.

15.5 Start Your Sustainable Future Today

21. What are the 5 stages of Transtheoretical Behavioral Change? Describe each briefly.
22. What is a goal that you are contemplating right now?
23. Read through the 10 techniques and strategies for bringing about change. Choose 3 that you might want to try. Write them down and how you will employ them to help you reach your new goal.

Describe the characteristics and design of a cohort study.

Describe the characteristics and design of a cohort study. Based on a disease or health condition identified from the “2020 LHI Topics” on the Healthy People 2020 website, or an article from the library, discuss a real example of a cohort study (include the link to the article in your post to the forum). Include the participants, exposures or treatment groups, time frame, and outcomes that were measured. Why is a cohort study described as an “observational” study rather than an “experimental” study design?

Word count needs to be at least 300 words. Please cite any references being used.

Complete a detailed case study analysis of the given case,

Before beginning work on this assignment, please review the expanded grading rubric for specific instructions relating to content and formatting.

Read the following article:

Hospital at Home Program in New Mexico Improves Care Quality and Patient Satisfaction while Reducing Costs

Complete a detailed case study analysis of the given case, using the process described in Analyzing Strategic Health Care Cases in your course textbook Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations.

Your completed case study analysis report will include the following sections:

  • Executive summary
  • Key issues
  • Situational analysis
  • Strategy formulation
  • Recommendation
  • Implementation strategies
  • Benchmarks for success and contingency plans


Gorski, L. A. (2016). Implementing home health standards in clinical practice. Home Healthcare Now, 34(2), 76.

Ticona, L., & Schulman, K. A. (2016). Extreme home makeover — the role of intensive home health care. The New England Journal of Medicine, 375(18), 1707.

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Your assignment should be addressed in a 2- to 3-page document.

Submission Details:

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format..
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.