2. Creating More Effective Performance Management/Appraisal

MGMT 6300 – EXAM 2 INSTRUCTIONS FALL 2020 – 2 Parts


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1. 360-Degree Feedback for Performance Appraisal/Employee Development

You could describe how to specifically use 360-degree feedback to get input from other departments/customers into your employee performance appraisals or for employee feedback and development?

2. Creating More Effective Performance Management/Appraisal

How can you use 1 idea from the course, book or 1 specific test from the 5 tests/characteristics of effective performance appraisals in your organization or from the Adobe check in performance feedback approach?

3. Performance Management Process – Lincoln Electric or Johnsonville

Select 1 idea from the instructor papers on Johnsonville or Lincoln Electric related to the Performance Management Process (setting goals or measuring performance on those goals in appraisal or offering incentives or rewards based on performance). How would you adapt this 1 idea from these companies to your organization?

Remember with all of these suggestions to apply only 1 idea from each company – don’t try to apply a whole range of ideas as this will be very difficult to do an in-depth basis in 2 pages. This is also true in relation to the 5 Tests of Effectiveness topics (e.g. Performance Appraisal, Rewards, and Training) – apply only 1 Test to your organization.

4. Other Compensation/Reward Systems Ideas, 5 Tests of Effective Rewards, or Recognition

How can you use 1 idea from the course, textbook, or lecture notes on base pay/incentive pay or Recognition programs to apply to your organization? For instance, how could you apply 1 specific idea from the instructor’s 5 tests of effective rewards to your employer? As another example, how could you develop a new specific recognition program for your organization (such as one that incorporates social media)?

5. Training & Development or Mentoring Program Ideas/Concepts

How can you use 1 specific idea from the course, textbook, instructor papers on social media and other trends in training, one of the 5 tests of effective training, Mentoring, etc. in your organization?

6. Career Anchors

How would you use career anchors to specifically improve 1 of the following programs: rewards, career, job matching, training, or benefits?

7. Career Development/Management

How would you apply 1 idea from the textbook or the Module 12 instructor paper related to career development programs to your organization?

8. Benefits or SAS

Apply one idea from the textbook or SAS on how to improve benefits in your organization (e.g. such as instituting a new benefit that would be valued by the employees)?

9. Open Book Management/SRC

Apply one target goal or one idea from SRC’s open book management approach to your organization. An example would be to develop a new/challenging quantifiable work goal, creating a new way to communicate that goal and a department’s results on the goal to employees/managers, training employees on how to interpret the financial impact of goals, etc.

10. Values Based HR

Come up with 1 specific idea/practice to create a greater sense of values alignment or spirituality at work that benefit both employees and the organization.

11. Zappos.com

Apply 1 specific practice that you would adapt from Zappos.com to your organization? This could include an idea on benefits or selection or onboarding training practices or recognition/celebrations or employee development program, etc.


Further Tips on Your Essay(s) and Essay Grading Criteria/Rubric

I suggest you review the feedback provided on your Exam 1 essay.

Remember that you have only 2 pages maximum for each topic/concept and yet you must still provide key specifics/details. One good way to make sure you are specific is have sentences in each of the 4 sections that states something like, “For example, what I would specifically suggest here is as follows _________.”

I am fully aware that this is a lot to ask for in 2 pages so you really must think carefully about your topics and how you will address them in a concise fashion (many companies want proposals – no matter how complicated – summarized in a short memo or Executive Summary format).  What I am looking for is a thoughtful response that deals with the complexities of organizational realities (i.e. the cost side) and yet provides enough details that Executives will approve it.

Excellent writing (grammar, spelling, and organization) are also required in your essays.

Type I Essays

Problem/Opportunity Statement:

Were 2 clear sentences developed on the problem statement, what

practice you are suggesting, what is your goal?


I. Application/Modification

of an Idea/Practice to fit your Company

*Were you specific/detailed in how exactly you Adapted/Modified the HR concept to fit your organization?

*Were you specific in describing how your HR practice/idea would be implemented on a detailed basis (how it would look in actual practice?


*Were you specific in stating all of the key aspects of your proposed HR practice/idea?




Approx. 20%


II. Convincing/Selling

*Did you show clearly how your proposed HR practice/idea would help the organization implement its business strategy/key goals?

*Did you fully assess the costs v. benefits and any concerns the CEO might have?

Did you state and fully support the assumptions you made and provide specific calculations for your numbers and with a brief but specific/compelling rationale for your assumptions?

Overall did you convince the CEO that the cost/time is worth the risk/effort (and initial costs) to do the HR practice/idea?



Approx. 40%



III. Organization Development/Change

*Did you address potential concerns that the CEO, managers, employees, etc. might have about your idea/practice (e.g. from their self-interests)?

*Did you prepare managers and employees to accept and be motivated to effectively implement the new idea/practice?



Approx. 20%


IV. Feedback/Evaluation

*How will you know if your HR practice/idea works – e.g. how would you specifically/clearly assess the various benefits/costs of your HR practice that you stated in your Sell Section?

*How will you know if any benefits that occur are specifically due to your suggested HR idea/practice?



Approx. 20%

Total Points




Here the assumptions I will use as an Executive evaluating your Exam essays:


I am very numbers and data driven, but I also consider qualitative costs and benefits.


I am focused most of all on making profits (in a non-profit organization I am focused on reducing costs).


I am risk adverse and want to make sure that any program or investment is a ‘safe’ bet.


I want a quick return on any investment (e.g. any new ideas/programs should clearly be beneficial from a cost-benefit perspective within 1 year).


I am skeptical that people/employee oriented (HR) programs will work well and pay for themselves.


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