Communication Channels

Computer Science Question

A multinational company has started a project to launch its Branches in different
countries and the company is going to start its Business and initially its network will
be developed for six countries i.e. Pakistan ,Saudi Arabia, China, Austria ,Japan ,
and Brunei Darussalam .
These countries may be named as a, b, c, d, e ,f respectively and Company has planned to establish the Communication Channels for its proper smooth business .The costis given in the following table to establish the communication link .Which Communication Channels will be developed to ensure that all countries are connected so thatthe total cost of the Mega Project is minimized?

Branches: Cost in $ Billion
a-b 0.95
a-c 1.2
a-d 1.1
a-e 1.5
a-f 2.5
b-c 2.6
b-d 2.3
b-e 2.1
b-f 2.2
c-d 3.1
c-e 3.2
c-f 1.7
d-e 1.9
d-f 0.85
e-f 3.5

Model this problem using the weighted graph where Vertices represent Country
Branches, Edges represent possible Channel link and the weights on edges are
represented by costs of that channel.
a) First apply Prims Algorithm
b) Second apply Kruskal‘s algorithm