Computer Science


There is a congregation of 280 alligators living in the Banana River in the Space Coast of Florida at the very very beginning of January 2019. Boating accidents claim the lives of 0.40% of the alligators each month and overeating of fish claims the lives of 3 more alligators each month.

The congregation’s “lady alligators” lay a total 70 eggs which all hatch in the middle of March and another 70 eggs hatch in the middle of September (Hint: months 3 and 9). During even numbered months12 alligators wander away from the congregation and end up in-town in backyards of Titusville residents’.

Being a nuisance to the humans (and lunchtime threat to small dogs and cats [aka: are eaten]), these alligators are removed from the area by Brevard County Animal Services and relocated to an Everglades gator farm about 200 miles away. Then every August (Hint: month 8), an alligator farm owner from Daytona Beach illegally dumps 55 young alligators in the Banana River and they are added to the congregation. Unfortunately, alligator cannibalization will claim the lives of 4.00% of the youngest gators (aka: are eaten) each month when the congregation’s population exceeds 440 towards the end of the month.

Produce a plot to show the population during the 19 month study period.

Use MATLAB TO create a  PLOT