effects divorce can have on children

The behavioral effects divorce can have on children

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Delinquent behavior is deeply rooted in the childhood of an individual. Studies show that parental relations have a deep impact on the human mind. The relationship which parents have with each other is as important as their relationships with children. If the relationship between parents is troubling and has conflicts it will raise a serious impact on the mind of their child even if they are individually very nice towards their child. The previous studies tell us that individuals belonging to broken families are more people to conflict, violence, and crimes as compared to those who belong to healthy families. There are two important aspects to consider here, first if the parents got divorced and the child was raised in a broken family, this leaves negative implications on his/ her mind. The second condition is where the parents do not get divorced, they stay together but their elation with each other is not healthy. They indulge in violence whether that is verbal aggression or physical, it will impact the mind of the child. The child takes insecurity and conflictual problems in his/ her nature if there is any sort of violence around him/ her in the form of economic violence, physical violence or emotional violence. The violence in large has negative implications even if it is not dieted to the child and someone else is at the receiving end. But the violence towards any family member, whether mother father, brother or sister, leaves equally negative impacts on the human mind. The research further shows that both girls and boys are affected by the dilemma of broken families and opt violent life later but boys have more capacity for it than girls. Similarly, the children belonging to the upper social class have more chances of indulgence in crimes than individuals from the lower class. There are both short-term and long-term implications on the mind so child from parental separation. Children face depression after the separation of their parents. Their relation with the same-sex parent before separation also elves major implications on their minds and influence the later choices in life. In short, the delinquent behavior of an individual and the familial structure are deeply connected (Kunz, & price, 2013).


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