1. What is your Worldview? This answer should be 1.5 pages long.

Leadership/ Personal Reflection Paper

As the BA in Leadership capstone course, a central activity is to articulate your synthesis of learning about leadership and yourself as a person and as a leader. This paper serves to explain and guide how you live your life, a set of beliefs and principles that ground you in how you will lead, and a set of commitments that drive your actions as a leader.

Using course readings, material from forum discussions, and thoughts/ideas/concepts from your previous courses, reflect on the following questions. Remember, this paper is all about YOU and your thoughts and beliefs.

1. What is your Worldview? This answer should be 1.5 pages long.

A. What do you believe in terms of spirituality (religious beliefs)?

B. What is your understanding of people: Their origins and human nature, their needs individually and socially?

C. What do you think are the most important aspects of life? How do you want to live your life? This includes your values, principles, and commitments.


2. What is Your Philosophy of Leadership? Which type (or types) of leadership do you believe is the most effective way to lead? How does this relate to your understanding of what people need in their leaders? You may include personal examples of leaders from your personal, academic, and employment experiences. This answer should be one page long.


3. How will you live out your worldview and leadership perspectives in your Vocational Calling and Work Life? (My future dream job is a school consoler.) This includes what do You specifically want to do in your future career and what kind of leader would you like to be? This answer should be one-half page long



Total paper length is three pages. In addition, include a Title Page and Bibliography page (ie. 5 pages in all). You do Not need a lot of references as this is a paper about what You believe.

Upload your paper into the Drop Box in Moodle.

Papers will not be marked on students’ beliefs, but on how well their worldviews, leadership philosophy, and future goals are articulated.

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